Integrated Photonics (Graduate)

ECE241B, Winter 2011-13, 15-16, 17-18.

Application of electro-optic, electro-absorption and other optoelectronic effects to the design of (silicon) photonic devices, with emphasis on light modulation and optical interconnects.

Topics covered include design and analysis of circuitry (waveguides, bends, couplers, microrings, etc.), photonic crystals, modulators, lasers and amplifiers (e.g., hybrid III-V, Raman), photodetectors, and future directions for research and development, including integration.


Digital Integrated Circuits

ECE 108, Spring 2011-13.

A transistor-level view of digital integrated circuits. CMOS combinational logic, ratioed logic, noise margins, rise and fall delays, power dissipation, transmission gates. Short channel MOS model, effects on scaling. Sequential circuits, memory and array logic circuits.


Optical Electronics

ECE 183, Winter 2012-15, 2017-18.

Semiconductor slab waveguide, radiation fron cleaved facets. Gain and loss in III-V semiconductor media, Einstein A and B coefficients, semiconductor injection laser. Direct current modulation. Photo-detectors. Understanding SNR.

Assignments include: 4 homeworks (Matlab intensive), designing a typical GaAs injection laser, understanding its characteristics, and 4 labs (absorption, diode laser, tunable laser and photodiodes).

Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Graduate)

ECE 212 AN, Winter 2014-18.

Quantum wells and bound states, density of modes. Dispersion relationships. Electron and photon transport (T and S matrices). Contacts and reservoirs. Landauer-Buttiker formalism. Ensembles of transmission matrices, scaling laws. Quantum devices. Overview of experimental techniques.


Microwave Photonics (Graduate)

ECE 282, Winter 2007-2008.

Topics covered include: RF over fiber, intensity-modulated direct-detection photonic links, spectral efficiency, modulation depth and distortion. Calculating SNR, NF, SFDR, and OIP3, link budget. Direct current modulation of laser diodes, amplitude-phase coupling, chirp. Microwave photonic modulators and detectors.